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Our offer covers the entire value chain (alias the entire sequence of processes) of administrative activities ranging from the download of new documents, through checks, goods controls (order cycle) and analytical accounting down to registration and final archiving.

To cover the value chain, MAXTRINO has developed three product lines:









    M Frame

    Benefit from the most advanced and intelligent pdf preview of electronic invoices available on the market today:

    • Identification of data outside the standard taxonomy (orders, delivery notes, CIG, CUP, …)
    • Identification of analytical accounting data (POD, Plates, Telepass, PNR … and much more)
    • Hierarchical printing (orders, delivery notes, plates, …)
    • Currency translation (application of European Central Bank exchange rates)

    M State

    Extract your financial statements into Excel thanks to Maxtrino’s artificial intelligence:

    • Reading from the financial statements deposited in pdf
    • Personal data extraction
    • Automatic identification of the taxonomy
    • Extraction of balance sheet and income statement
    • Error check and data certification

    M Chain

    Give an undisputable day/time stamp to your documents using Maxtrino blockchain certification

    • Upload
    • Hashing
    • Issue of Blockchain certificate

    M Snipe

    Extract the most relevant data from your accounting and administrative documents.

    • Maxtrino Advanced OCR (ICR, HCR, XCR)
    • Document type identification
    • Identification of personal data, VAT numbers, tax code, financial statements
    • Advanced pdf management (Split, merge, add, …)

    Mx products


    MX Hubs

    Your customized solution in each country for e-documents management:

    • E-Invoice
    • E-IDDT
    • E-Order
    • Massive inputs from every source and track
    • Generation of customized input and output schemes

    MX Tilt

    Your customized solution for the conversion (data transformation) of your documents in any format:

    • Csv
    • Xls
    • Xbrl
    • IDOC

    MX Regs

    Your smart solution for automating regulatory and internal compliance audits:

    • DURC
    • Equitalia position
    • Authorization to Invoice
    • Internal audit resolutions

    MX Sell

    The cloud-based solution for the automation of your active cycle:

    • Input from of any type and format (csv, xls, pdf, IDOC)
    • Predictive set-up of accounting entries
    • Generation of input path on ERP
    • Electronic invoice Generation of E-Invoices and transmission to Tax hub (SdI, FaceB2B, …)
    • Connection to ERP via web service

    MX Buy

    The cloud-based solution for the automation of your passive cycle:

    • Input from any source (mail, SdI, direct import, …) and in any format (xml, pdf, xls, doc, …)
    • Predictive set-up of accounting entries based on AI and machine learning
    • Generation of upload schemes for ERPs
    • Connection to ERP via web service

    MX Show

    Your advanced and customized reports in the cloud:

    • Payment status
    • Authorization flows
    • VAT returns
    • Statistics on administrative procedures

    MX Audit

    Your Cloud solution for the audit of financial statements:

    • Upload of journal
    • Reclassification to standard taxonomy
    • Cross-check of single accounts
    • Outliers identification


    The efficient and automated Cloud solution for the generation and verification of financial statements in European Single Electronic Format:

    • Upload base reports
    • Data verification and conversion
    • Automatic insertion of tags and base notes
    • Advanced revision management

    Mxl solutions


    MXL O2C

    The smart solution for the automation of your active cycle:

    • Integration with different ERPs (multi-site, different systems)
    • Reading of billing data in any format (csv, IDOC, pdf, xls, …), language (Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, …)
    • Acquisition from every source and channel
    • Conversion of Italian, Spanish, Turkish e- invoices, …
    • Transmission to tax hubs in each country
    • Management of status messages

    MXL P2P

    The most advanced and innovative solution on the market for the automation of the passive cycle:

    • Complete automation of workflows based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Management of electronic and pdf invoices (professional and foreign invoices)
    • Automatic loading of invoices from tax hubs or from documents management systems
    • Customized / Context dependent preview generation
    • Reading and interpretation of header and invoice body data
    • Order cycle management (goods receipt and services) with identification, selection and check-out of orders and delivery notes;
    • Management of service invoices with identification and processing of analytical fields: offices, staff, telephone, POD (point of delivery), Telepass and Viacard for motorways, PNR (passenger name record), … and much more
    • Check IBAN, payment conditions and deadlines
    • Automatic preparation of accounting entries (counterpart, VAT codes, …)
    • Direct writing on ERP
    • Archiving and transfer of dossiers to documents (invoice, delivery note, attachments, …)
    • Personalized workflows with management of authorizations, signatures and internal and regulatory checks
    • Transaction certification with blockchain

    Available in light and full integration versions

    Light Integration:

    The effective solution to benefit from all the features of MX-P2P in a very short time without impacting company IT systems

    • Upload of basic tables (chart of accounts, VAT codes, payment methods, …) on a quarterly / annual basis
    • Upload of master data, orders and delivery notes on a daily basis
    • Daily data transfer to ERP via manual upload

    Full Integration:

    The complete integration solution for the most demanding customers

    • Real-time synchronization with ERP and warehouse software through web Services or DB-links for data reading
    • Real-time synchronization with company documents for invoice archiving
    • Synchronization with ERP for the check-out of orders and DDT through web Services and registration monitor

    MXL R2S

    Professional E-Archiving for companies and groups in partnership with BPER Bank:

    • Analysis of the business organization
    • Preparation / revision of the archiving handbook
    • Acquisition of invoices, documents, accounting records, VAT registers
    • Gap analysis and identification of critical areas (protocol gaps, missing data records, …)
    • Set-up of archiving packages
    • Upload of archiving packages on certified repository
    • Activation of the user license on Maxtrino portal for the management of archived documents

    E-Archiving service in collaboration with Numera (BPER Group).

    MXL R2R

    The integrated reporting solution for management and stakeholders:

    • Data acquisition from the ERP in real time
    • Preparation of standard and customized reports
    • Data analysis based on artificial intelligence
    • Management of status messages and warnings
    • Automatic transmission to distribution lists


    Source & Delivery

    Digital transformation

    Robotic Process Automation




    M Tools

    MX Products

    MXL Solutions





    Cloud computing


    Big data & Analytics


    Fuzzy logic




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