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artificial intelligence

Thanks to the cognitive functions of Artificial Intelligence, we are able to design the best solutions to support your decision-making process and increase the efficiency and speed of your work. Dynamic planning, the ability to ‘think’ and to solve problems that typically require your time allow us to develop products and services that are unique in their kind and unrepeatable in their effectiveness.

machine learning

We learn to make your experience “yours” by comparing documents, data and actions, analysing and memorizing your choices. With simple daily use, our algorithms automatically improve through experience, progressively and exponentially increasing the effectiveness, flexibility and scalability of our solutions.


We can provide an on-demand cloud solution to gain access our services. Unlimited computing capacity, storage, database management, transmission and reception of data and documents through customized web services. It is an agile, flexible and economical system that allows you to easily check and adopt new ideas to transforming your business in an effective way and to modulate and plan company resources.


We are the first company dealing with document robotics applied to administrative and financial services.

 With Maxtrino you choose tailor-made solutions and services that make the most of the innovation offered by the blockchain (Ethereum): certification of data and transaction times, certification of validity and existence, non-repudiation of transactions.

In particular, we have developed a Bb-TPS (Blockchain based Transaction Processing System) based on ZKP (Zero Knowledge Proof), a method that allows us to certify the validity and existence of documents, and related transactions, without sending any sensitive data to blockchain.


Real time answers thanks to Maxtrino

If you want to improve the decision-making process and the strategic choices of your company, rely on our consolidated experience and knowledge in the field of Big Data and Analytics.

We can access data from any source, analyse it and find effective solutions capable of reducing costs, having faster deadlines, developing new products and making smart choices.

Your business will improve in terms of:

  • Determination, in near real time, of the causes of systematic errors, problems and anomalies in the accounting data;

  • Evaluation, in a few minutes, of data reliability and regulatory compliance;

  • Preventive detection of fraud risks.


    With our research in the software/IT fields we have been able to develop a proprietary OCR solution, integrated into our platform, which ensures maximum efficiency and precision in understanding the accounting and financial documents.

     A thorough study and research aimed at evaluating traditional OCRs (Optical Character Recognition) has given us the opportunity to identify and classify some obvious limitations of the market available products:

    • Omission of single characters and / or whole words;

    • Wrong placements of text between adjacent columns or image captions is mixed causing a positioning of the letters and words that does not correspond to the original document;

    • Incorrect recognition with ‘shifted’ interpretation of the characters (called transliteration of graphemes), for which, for example, the “a” is read as “h” or the number “1” is read as “7”.

    We have found solutions to these limits precisely with the development of some extremely powerful algorithms that increase the level of correctness and reliability of document readings:

    • ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition): the semantic analysis of OCR data that allows to avoid omissions, incorrect readings and transliterations;
    • HCR (Hi-Definition Recognition): the pixel analysis of each single page able to identify the exact location of characters and words;
    • XCR (Cross o Extra Assisted Character Recognition): the cross analysis with external sources (client database or Maxtrino server) able to compare and correct omissions, incorrect readings and transliterations.


      We perform the management and evaluation of documents, data and decision-making processes using systems based on fuzzy logic, technologies that employ non-deterministic statistical algorithms and are able to treat data as elements that help to identify a value but do not constitute the value itself.

       Thanks to years of research we have developed proprietary algorithms (bGrammi and rGrammi) that allow us to replicate the analytical skills and behavioural characteristics of the human mind in the administrative and financial field.  Thanks to years of research we have created a set of highly performing products and services, both in terms of data reliability and the operations carried out by the system.


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